Real Estate

Advertisement plays a big part in the real estate industry, just like it does in any other industry, which is why photo and video services are in great demand. HUSSEL Media is a renowned firm with years of expertise providing cutting-edge real estate videography services in Victoria, Vancouver and all across British Columbia to a wide range of realtors, developers, and other organizations.

Our professional real estate photographers have the extensive industry knowledge and are well-equipped with cutting-edge techniques and equipment. We provide high-end real estate photography and videography services that capture the original essence of a building or structure using unique lighting techniques, camera angles, and other elements.

Our creative team can assist you in creating a distinct brand image among potential customers and partners. We ensure high-quality and fast services with a turnaround time of 48 hours.

Aside from our artistic proficiency, we are known for affordable pricing, which has helped us establish ourselves as a reputable real estate videography company in Victoria, British Colombia.


It’s essential to feel confident that you hired the best videographer for your wedding. You can trust HUSSEL Media to capture the special moments of your wedding day and deliver a beautiful wedding film you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We meet all of our couples to get acquainted with them and their stories. We will capture your tale and create a video that is truly unique to you and your love story.

Since you can’t be everywhere on your wedding day, we’ll look for those special moments that only happen when the entire family gathers—interactions between the old and young generation, stolen kisses, and the pure delight that everyone feels when they come together to celebrate love.

We’ll capture the raw emotion and weave it into a story that will stay with you for years. On the day of the wedding, we collaborate with the event staff and the photographer to take the “Fly on the wall” approach and capture all of those authentic, genuine moments.

Your wedding is the ultimate expression of your love story, and HUSSEL Media will be honoured to have the chance to tell it through our art of wedding videography.


Important events make our life exciting and bring us the feeling of belonging. Whether it is a wedding, a corporate event, or a sporting event – we all want to cherish those days forever. Our videographers and photographers can make notable moments long-lasting and always available at your fingertips. With a perfect video, you can always relive that special occasion and dive into the exciting memories once again. We understand the importance of finding the right crew for your special day. At HUSSEL Media, we offer wedding videography and wedding photography, corporate videography and overall creative cinematography for all of your important events. With HUSSEL Media, you have one less thing to worry about when organizing your event – you can rely on us to deliver a perfect video and photos for your special occasion.


Branding videos are designed to help you stand apart from the competition and showcase your business in a unique way. At HUSSEL Media, we offer affordable high quality videos and photos to help you reach more clients and take #1 spot in the market. Our talented team will create stunning branding photos and videos for your company based on the target audience and your company’s vision. Branding videos have the ability to create an emotional connection between your product and your future clients. In a way, branding videos are like a bridge that connects your business with the right clientele. One thing we know for sure – consumers are now watching more videos than ever before and proper video marketing is driving their purchasing decisions. With the right branding video, your business will increase audience engagement and drive your sales up!


Nowadays, businesses often prefer storytelling to advertise their products and services. Through storytelling, potential clients have the opportunity to become emotionally connected and see the uniqueness of what is being offered to them. At HUSSEL Media, our videographers strive to create your vision and overachieve your expectations. We believe that if our clients prosper, we thrive with them. To deliver a fantastic storytelling video, we learn about your business and present it to the world in an exciting and gripping way. We offer affordable videography with amazing quality. At HUSSEL Media, our end-goal is to tell your story in a unique way and exceed your videography expectations. Let us create a truly amazing, eye-catching storytelling video for your business.


Businesses that are affiliated with tourism know the importance of video services. It is well known that people research their destinations prior to making the final booking decision. There is no better way to showcase a place than to create an appealing, versatile video about what it has to offer. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram – all of the social media platforms require short, creative videos to promote a travelling destination and increase its foot traffic. Tourism videos help travellers get excited to visit a certain place and hit that “Book now!” button. You can rely on us to make a unique video to promote tourism in your area. Whether you need a tourism videographer in Victoria, Vancouver, Tofino, or anywhere else in British Columbia, we want to be a part of creating promotional tourism videos for our beautiful province. HUSSEL Media also offers destination videography outside of British Columbia or Canada. With the videos that our photo and video production company delivers, you can easily conquer the hearts of anyone who is considering to travel to your desired area. Our professional videographers will utilize best videography tactics and convert your prospective clients into happy tourists.


At HUSSEL Media, we understand the importance of training videos. High-quality training videography increases employee morale, decreases the amount of needed supervision and improves the overall productivity. Training videos are an effective tool for your team. Using video in training and development, your employees don’t have to be at the venue of a training session and you can have your new hires up to speed quickly. At HUSSEL Media, we know how to create straight-to-the point, well-structured and methodical training videos.