How to Design a Script for a Video

How to Design a Script for a Video

In this day and age, video marketing is a valuable tool for brands more than ever. However, what matters the most is the engagement it gets from the target audience. Therefore, whenever you plan to make any video, you should aim to capture your audience’s attention.

Making a video should always start with writing a well-crafted script, just like we see in filmmaking. A question must be popping in your head about what good writing can bring to the table! A well-written video script in the form of a text-based storyboard or a document leads you towards an engaging and solid video.

Let’s go through the benefits of a good script for the video, which eventually makes the following things easier for you:

  •   Content delivery such as voiceover and dialogs included in your video.
  •   Visual content contained in your videos, such as a list of actions and a description of each scene.
  •   Filming instructions, i.e., from what angle should each scene be filmed and specific lighting to be used.
  •   Editing instructions, including subtitles, sound design, and special effects.
  •   Optimization of length and overall budget of a video.

Now continue to read the steps leading towards effective corporate video script and get general tips for scripting videos.

Writing a Video Brief

To write a script that drives the desired results, you need to write a video brief. It helps you set a video goal, understand your objectives, defines your target audience and the value you want to demonstrate.

Below are the insights to consider while writing a video brief that may help you craft the perfect script.

  •   What could be the purpose of the video?
  •   What action would you like from your viewers?
  •   Who is your target audience?
  •   What value is your video bringing?
  •   What distribution channels do you have to use?

Considering the points mentioned above, you would empathize with your audience and have a deeper understanding of how to communicate with them.  It would allow you to engage viewers with succinct, relevant, and compelling content resulting in the desired action you expect. As there is more engagement, there would be higher income.

Turn Your Message into Storytelling

Any video content you create, you constantly come up with a message that you want to communicate (a video brief would help you identify this). Remember! Your script should make viewers curious and make them watch it till the end. It is where storytelling comes into play, as it is the easiest way to create amazing content.

The trick lies in translating the core messages of the video into a simple story for your script to follow. Everything you decide depends on the purpose of your video and what your audience finds valuable. It’s not just about what you want to say. Instead, it’s also about saying it in a way that resonates with your audience.

A story should not necessarily be epic or complicated but a logical progression from one point to another. So what you should preferably do is:

  •   Rely on suspense
  •   Trigger imagination by adding metaphors
  •   Amplify emotions
  •   Personalize your message

A good story involves the above-listed factors. In this way, it grabs your audience’s attention and tells your message in such an engaging way that it guides them to a Call-to-Action for the desired action.

Write Tone of Voice

The tone of voice describes how you communicate with the audience. You must use colloquial speech when writing your script. However, it would be best if you preferred to talk in your audience’s language rather than your own.

Try to remember that your video script needs to be appealing to your target audience, not you or your boss. Knowing your target audience, if you include actual words and phrases that they use casually, you’re on your way to a great video script.

Meanwhile, it would help if you didn’t compromise on your content. Make sure it follows these simple guidelines for creating a tone of voice video:

  •   Use simple words that anyone can understand
  •   If you have to use complex or technical terms, explain them
  •   Use present tense
  •   Avoid excessively long and wordy sentences


Think Visually

Although a script is a written document, ultimately, it becomes a visual piece of content. For example, do you know that 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound? The same is the case with most of the online videos.

You need to make sure that you include information about your video’s visual aspects and the text throughout your script.

Summing Up

And it’s a wrap! You now know essential things that you should work on with a video agency and write the perfect video script to produce high-quality video content.






Hashim Mughal
Mon 5 Jul 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Mon 5 Jul 2021
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