Professional Wedding Videography

Professional Wedding Videography

Almost all married couples agree that having the wedding filmed on video provides them with more genuine recollections than still wedding photos.

Most of them will admit that a wedding video is more engaging and interactive than images. You have the opportunity to experience the entire day through the eyes of your guests. Your wedding film allows you to relive the event whenever you want.

As the recollections of your marriage fade, your wedding film will be a cherished piece of remembrance.

However, capturing the entire memory of your wedding day is not something every videographer can do. It requires special skills and a keen eye for details so that no moment of your special day is left out from the wedding film.

This is why a professional wedding videographer will be the better choice for your wedding videography. This post will look at the reasons for hiring a professional wedding videographer and the several types of wedding videography.

Why Hire a Professional Videographer?

A professional videography crew will help you capture every aspect of the wedding, from the vows to the kiss, the dance, people praising the newlyweds, guests enjoying delicious cuisine, or the video filming the newlyweds’ walk.

While a professional photographer will capture many gorgeous moments during your day, your videographer will capture all of the in-between moments with quality and creativity. Professional wedding videographers will know how to dress to fit in with the event, understand how to communicate freely with the guests on the wedding day, and provide comfort and coziness to the guests.

The videographer may also choose to arrive early to film the wedding preparations. These films add flavor to the wedding video, and you’ll be surprised at how amusing the entire thing ends out. Their knowledge of camerawork, filming angles, lighting needs, and editing skills will ensure that the video is cute and timeless.

As a result, you will profit from their experience, including knowledge, dedication, professionalism, and commercial etiquette. Professional videography also promises professional post-production editing of your wedding film.

Wedding Videography in Registry Offices or Destination Weddings

Alternatively, registered office weddings can serve as a prelude to a destination wedding, ensuring that all the paperwork is in order before traveling off for your blessing.

In that scenario, you may not want to invite any of your friends or relatives. A professional videographer knows how to make an artistic film in any location. Be it a registry office or a destination wedding in the Bahamas.

A professional knows just how to capture your special day. A professional also knows how to emphasize the magical moments of a solemn wedding and provides artistic video filming at the solemn wedding banquet.

Types of Wedding Videography

Most people don’t know about wedding videography because it offers a variety of genres to choose from. You can make an entire movie for your special day, with dialogues or a simple documentary that captures every moment of your special day.

The Journalistic Style

When it comes to wedding videos, the journalistic videography style is arguably the most popular. The photographer’s only task is to capture events as they happen. They film the entire wedding, from the vows to the celebration.

The Artistic Style

The aesthetic videography style is determined by the couple’s or videographer’s preferences. It does not adhere to any formatting guidelines.

It’s essentially freestyle videography, except it doesn’t put its artistic dimension on the line—many couples like this technique since it distinguishes their wedding film from the rest.

The Narration or Storytelling Style

Generally, the storytelling videography technique consists of a wedding film or photo montage accompanied by a narrating voice and music. Its editing process is similar to that of cinematic videography.

This technique, on the other hand, is the most time-consuming of all wedding videography types. Aside from recording and editing the wedding ceremony, the video should include testimonies and dialogues.

The Cinematic Style

Shooting for a cinematic wedding video is, by definition, similar to making a movie or a film. The video clips are recorded similarly to journalistic videography, except that special effects are added after editing to create a dramatic mood.

This technique, however, is not appropriate for persons with little or no experience in cinematography or video editing.

The Highlight Style

Unlike the other techniques, highlight cinematography is shorter and can last between 5 and 30 minutes. Before the wedding, the videographer should plan which parts of the ceremony to record and which to ignore.

Only the highlights of the wedding should ideally be recorded. To save time during the editing process, extra video snippets are eliminated. To make the video more appealing, love songs and transitional effects can be incorporated.


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Sun 17 Oct 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Sun 17 Oct 2021
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