The Best Drones for Shooting Wedding Videos

The Best Drones for Shooting Wedding Videos

Shooting a wedding video is a very demanding task that requires professionalism and appropriate equipment. If earlier most photographers and operators used various tripods and other bulky equipment, nowadays the most common type of equipment are various quadcopters and other types of shooting drones. Their technical characteristics vary in the widest range of indicators and allow you to shoot video in high resolution from almost any desired angle, with zoom and storyboard.

In the next article we will tell you which drones are used by modern photography and video professionals, what technical characteristics to pay special attention to and for what purposes to use this innovative equipment.

Things To Consider Before Buying the Best Drone for Wedding Video

Modern photography technology is characterized by a wide range of features that allow you to shoot from an impressive height, capturing stunning panoramic shots. The main criteria for choosing a drone for shooting are:

  • The Size. Size means portability. The smaller the drone, the more often you will use it — a proven rule! Super compact models up to 250 grams are suitable for those who want to carry the drone with them anytime, anywhere. However, such devices rarely have a high quality camera. Of course, one cannot compare the sizes of toy and professional drones, therefore, when giving estimates, we will focus on the adequacy of the size for a particular class of devices. Also, consider that foldable drones will get extra points in this category;
  • Shooting Quality. In 2021, even budget models can shoot in 4K. Of course, so far this is more the exception than the rule, but if progress continues by the same leaps and bounds, and toy quadcopters from AliExpress will be able to shoot in real 4K quality (then we will compose a new top);
  • Flight Performance. This includes primarily speed and handling. We will not ignore the flight performance in windy weather. Naturally, here again it will be quite difficult to compare any advanced racing quadcopter and a home toy drone — we will mark such cases separately.
  • Flight Time. This is a separate criterion, as flight time on a single battery charge is one of the most important characteristics for both consumer and professional drones.
  • Data Transmission and Control System (Console). When buying, many users don’t pay attention to the data transmission system. It will determine the flight distance of your quadcopter, the stability of the operation and the quality of the video on the screen. The presence of an advanced system, such as OcuSync 2.0, which works at a distance of up to 10 km, will be a big plus. It’s also good when the drone comes with a separate remote controller.

Professional Wedding Video Equipment: The Best Drones for Wedding Videography

In 2021, the best drones for video filming of weddings are:

  • DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone. Professional photographers and high-quality enthusiasts will surely appreciate the increased shutter speed up to 1/8000, and the sensitivity up to ISO 25600 allows you to achieve unsurpassed colour rendition and detail, completely get rid of the shutter parallax effect that occurs when shooting at high speeds, and reduce the noise level to a minimum. The camera can record 4K or 2.5K video at 30 fps and Full HD at 60 fps or take 16MP photos;
  • Hubsan X4 H502S. Model of 2016, which received recognition from amateurs immediately after its release. An expanded package of functions, together with amazing performance, reasonably influenced this model to get into almost all the tops in the category «Best drone for beginners»;
  • DJI Phantom 4. A series of amateur level quadcopters. Gained their popularity due to the relatively low cost and ease and convenience of management. The image is transferred from the on-board camera to the user’s mobile device via Wi-Fi or Lightbridge’s own technology. Phantom is designed for amateur photography and video shooting, but is also often used for entertainment purposes.
  • Mavic Pro 2. The quality of the picture is close to shooting on a SLR camera — this is what the owners of the first drones could only imagine. DJI went even further by fitting a 1 matrix into a miniature form.


Wedding photography requires a professional approach. Through the use of drones, the photographer can capture a wider range of successful angles and guarantee the young and their guests an unforgettable experience.

Modern drones for shooting are equipped with the latest technology and allow you to shoot the ceremony venue from a height or such angles and angles that would be inaccessible when shooting with standard photographic equipment. When choosing a drone for shooting, first of all, pay attention to its size, quality of shooting, flight characteristics, battery life, data transfer rate and additional functions.

When choosing a drone for wedding photography, be sure to consult with a real professional. He will help you choose quality equipment, set it up and film your wedding so that it will remain in the memory for many decades as the happiest event in your life.

Hussel Media
Sun 25 Apr 2021

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Hussel Media
Sun 25 Apr 2021
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