How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell More Property

How to Use Real Estate Video Marketing to Sell More Property

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Real estate promotion and sale — demanding for details and correct accentuation of every stroke of the identity and every curl of the font used. Real estate business is a prestigious, no-nonsense industry. Every aspect, particularly, promotion, must be impeccable in total and in amount.

The main task of promotion is to pack the object into a single «YES!» emotion, attract the attention of the target audience and highlight the offer among the endless stream of template ads. One of the most powerful tools in a real estate advertiser’s arsenal is social media videos. A properly filmed and edited presentation will guarantee you an increase in your audience and an increase in the likelihood of a successful deal.

How to Make a Real Estate Video that Sells

Video content is the most effective sales and loyalty tool in digital marketing. It so happened that in 98% of cases, real estate is sold by old, imperfect methods. Monotonous ads that hang on sites for years, cold calls to potential buyers and endless impressions that lead to results, but in long and costly ways. We have a solution.

How should I approach the question? Shoot video! The presentable video sells faster and finds exactly your client.

13 Real Estate Video Ideas and Suggestions

For effective promotion, you need to pay special attention to several accents:

  • Use only high-quality equipment. The level of shooting and even the property video tours resolution directly affects the effectiveness of advertising. Try to use only high quality filming equipment from brand manufacturers;
  • Get a professional. When should I hire a professional videographer, you ask? In any situation when it is required to submit a property in the form of an attractive advertising product;
  • Use multiple cameras. Editing a neighbourhood video tours requires several well-shot angles, so you need to have at least two cameras;
  • More interactivity in the frame. If you have conceived a creative volumetric presentation of video content, then try to accommodate some events that attract the viewer’s attention;
  • Order video editing and processing from professionals. Thanks to attention to detail and highly professional editing, you will be able to achieve the desired effect in promotion;
  • Caring for the viewer. Shoot an interior video based on the height of the average person. Avoid shooting confined spaces. Many experts recommend mounting the camera at the eye level of the average person for a comfortable viewing experience;
  • Be sure to use a tripod when shooting. A tripod is not always needed, but when photographing landscapes, a custom-made modified tripod may be required for optimal material delivery;
  • Watch the quality of the light. Lighting has a very critical effect on the presentation of information in video content, so correctly exposed lighting will help you revive the picture and present your property as profitable and aesthetically pleasing as possible;
  • Shooting video from drones. Most video content, where it is required to present not only the property itself but also the surrounding area, requires the involvement of drones and specialists in shooting from above;
  • Shoot 360° videos. Modern realities of promotion dictate new standards for filming advertising video content — and for a real estate business, panoramic views are indispensable;
  • The effect of real presence. Shoot only sufficiently spectacular videos, which will not only be a normal visual presentation but will also serve the promoted object as a lively, interesting and interesting place;
  • Collaborate with a real estate agent. Realtors will be able to tell and show why this particular object is popular, point out its strengths and will not let you get bored when shooting a video;
  • Create a narrative. By serving videos as interactive and engaging content, you are guaranteed to attract more people. Break the video into logical blocks and drive the narrative — this way your video will evoke a more emotional reaction from the audience.
Hussel Media
Sun 25 Apr 2021

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Hussel Media
Sun 25 Apr 2021
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