Advertising With Different Budget Amounts

Advertising With Different Budget Amounts

Your advertising campaign’s success is determined by different factors such as the marketing budget, your targets, and the number of channels you want to advertise on. Along with this, it’s always essential to understand the goal of your advertising campaign.

One of the best contemporary marketing techniques is branding videos, specifically of your business, that give the public insight into what you do. However, producing viable marketing videos can be tricky for beginners and might require a lot of effort.

Budget is one of the critical factors to be considered while planning on producing a branding video for your business. The budget determines a branding video’s success and can have a lasting impact on your business.

You can choose between a small, medium, or high-sized budget. This article aims to educate you about the outcomes that each budget can provide for your brand.

$ 1000 – Small Budget

With a smaller budget, you can test simple things and see what works for you. A small budget means things can go faster. It’s sometimes best to get out and share.

Select your options and try something with them. But be careful. If you try cheap options, many other brands are opting for them too.

You risk producing a branding video with undifferentiated social creativity—a less investment in finance results in less time, leading to inconsistent payoffs.

Smartphones work great for low-cost filming too. However, everyone should utilize a few things easily obtained within a smaller budget, such as a tripod, a ring light, and a microphone.

The ring light sits behind your mobile phone while it is held steadily on the tripod. A ring light has several color adjustments, together with an adjustable luminosity set. Ring lights can minimize shadows equally, distribute close-up lighting and give outstanding video lighting.

After shooting the video, there are several free and paid tools to help you edit the videos, such as InShot for video editing and visual design, Canva to generate social sharing graphics as there is a template and picture library, some of which are free and some of which cost a few dollars. Adobe Spark and Adobe Premiere Rush also offer higher-quality editing.

If used wisely by hiring the right client, small budgets allow cost-effective branding videos within which you can endorse your creativity.

However, cheaper costs offer lesser quality videos that might be a negative factor for your brand. For example, the video filmed on the phone using handmade scenery may be less attractive than the same video made on a professional camera.

So look for professional clients with the best rates, best tools, and top quality.

$ 10,000 – Medium Budget

Marketers spend more on producing higher content at a medium-budget level. You might move away from user-generated content for reduced costs and gain more significant creative input and control.

You can also use third parties to help manufacture and edit (e.g., photographers, designers, videographers, agencies). Moreover, the budget can increase due to the addition of locations and actors. Calculate how their participation will affect the schedule of the project.

There are bigger crews with which to deal. It can be someone out there you have to meet and make sure your vision in your head is understandable. There is also a more creative scope for learning.

Medium budgets offer better shoots and higher-quality videos. However, a medium budget may also provide a wide variety of amateur to professional talents to choose from. It may also require a larger crew.

There are companies out there who can make the best use of your $10,000 – Medium Budget with the right plan and execution. Look for them.

$ 100,000 – High Budget

Viewers desire high visual quality as you see on TVs, and your brand perception is affected if you do not deliver similar quality in your branding videos. It sounds like an excellent decision to spend on high-quality video production.

The developmental problem with cheaper video shot by mobile phones will also be eliminated by high-quality video. While a phone’s video shot can at some point be of good quality, the quality of the output gets overshadowed once a better phone is released.

On the contrary, a video is shot for longer shelf life in a studio with high-end video cameras.

In contrast, a high-quality branding video will specifically target your desired audience. This video features high-quality techniques, team and professional actors.


All in all, in the video marketing world, it seems as if the only viable way to produce an attractive branding video is to spend thousands of dollars.

However, that is not entirely true; many video production companies, like HUSSEL Media, guarantee high-budget video results at an affordable price.

HUSSEL Media offers high-quality branding videography and photography to help you reach new clients and excel within the market.

Our professional team is well-equipped to make branding videos that stand out, so if you are still in a dilemma about what budget to go for, visit our website today, and let’s HUSSEL!

Hashim Mughal
Thu 9 Sep 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Thu 9 Sep 2021
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