Advertising Story: 5 Signs of a Good Script

Advertising Story: 5 Signs of a Good Script

Reading a good script makes you feel like watching a good movie. While reading a script, you picture it in your mind as you watch. Therefore, it should be well written, so you don’t get distracted by technical mistakes (if there are some) in it.

An advertising script aims to copy the commercial producer required to sell a product or service. A good copy consumes attention, enhances the brand’s recognition, and urges the audience to buy the advertised service.

However, the qualities of every successful script are the same regardless of their genre. Here we have got you covered with the qualities of a good script. Continue to read below some signs a good script possesses!

Quick Attention Grabber

We all know that a good introduction captures an audience’s attention and makes them interested in the speech’s topic. You need to reach your primary goal within the first 30 seconds of the video. Thus, a quick and effective attention grabber is required. In contrast, a dull or unattractive introduction can be a significant turnoff for the audience.

Typically, there are four things to consider while writing a quick attention grabber in a script.

  •   Appropriate to the audience: Different audiences have different backgrounds and knowledge. For this purpose, you must analyze your audience first and determine that it is reaching out to your audience directly.
  •   Purpose of speech: There are three primary purposes for giving a speech: to inform, persuade, and entertain. While picking an attention-getter, determine that you select one that corresponds with your essential purpose of the script. 
  •   Relevancy to the topic: Another important consideration when selecting an attention-grabber is the topic of your speech. Ideally, your attention-getter should have a relevant connection to the topic of your script. 
  •   Speech occasion: Different occasions necessitate different tones, particular styles, or manners of speaking. When selecting an attention-getter, make sure that it sets the tone for the speech.

The Plot Without Excessive Humor

Humor is undoubtedly the effective method for gaining an audience’s attention but only when used correctly. We can say that humor is a great way to attract an audience.

Meanwhile, it also works as a double-edged sword. When using humor, you need to know the interest of your audience and understand what they would find humorous.

One of the biggest mistakes in a script is to use some form of humor that the audience finds offensive or to write a plot that is not supposed to be funny.

It would help if you determined that the humor is relevant to your topic and the text contains only the most important and relevant content. One of the mistakes some novices make is that they add humor that doesn’t support the overall goal of the speech.

Therefore, while looking for a humorous plot, make sure that the humor is non-offensive to your audiences and, most importantly, is relevant to your speech.

Your Story is Unique

A good script always has a unique story and is almost a fast read. You don’t find it boring, and you are never bogged down.

The writer raises an exciting series of dramatic questions. In that case, you want to read on to find out what happens next. It keeps the audience stuck as well.

Speak to Your Audience

Speaking to your audience means using tone and language they understand and expect to hear. You need to develop a connection to your audience and figure out what appeals in the text. For instance, “You” will attract more attention than “We” and “Our.”

Therefore, the tone and the emotional cues are the cause to get consumers to take action.

Dialogue Delivery

Dialogue is essential in a script because characters communicate through dialogues. Also, to maximize the effect of the video, there should be a minimum of text in it. Dialogues are also essential to present a sense of realism in your script.

If your dialogue sounds unreal, your reader will not buy into it. Your script should enable you to imagine your characters speaking your dialogue.


Now that you have read the signs of a good script, you can apply it in your upcoming projects. Knowing what makes a script suitable is essential for writing your advert story.

Hashim Mughal
Mon 26 Jul 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Mon 26 Jul 2021
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