How to Brand Videos: 4 Must Do’s for Businesses

How to Brand Videos: 4 Must Do’s for Businesses

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How to Brand Videos?

A brand is a harmonious combination of design details and structural elements and a written shade that emphasizes the main differences between a product or service from competitors. More importantly, a brand is primarily a strategic theme that creates an emotional connection between your company and your audience. It is the emotional connection and holistic visual presentation that makes branding a real art.

Why is it important to brand videos?

Video is one of the most effective tools for promoting goods and services on the internet. It is expected that already in 2022, video content will reach for 82% of all mobile traffic. Do you need internal and external branding? Absolutely. Your video is a promise to viewers that its basic characteristics in reality are the same as in the advertisement.

How to Brand Videos 4 Must Do’s

Let’s consider the main aspects of high-quality, professional branding of video content:


If you want to attract and retain your target audience, then you must exude the emotion of your brand’s authenticity. Use your own fonts, textures and animations that are unique to your product. Focusing on your brand’s ethnicity will help you create a highly promising video that is pleasing to the eye and useful for thinking about purchasing a product or service. Pay attention to visuals — they are key to successful marketing.

Set the Right Tone

To effectively promote a product or service, it is required to present it in the tone and mood that will fully correspond to its unique characteristics. Colors will serve as the basis of presentation — if you want a certain aspect of the advertised product — use the appropriate colors. It’s no secret for a marketer that purple corresponds to the perception of a product as expensive, while yellow promotes an optimistic mood. Use a range of colors, complementing the visuals with a pleasing voice and appropriate narrative manner. Stick with brand colors and fonts — it creates a complete picture of a brand.

Not Just Say It — Show It

The video content must be coherent and balanced. If you want your video to be designed in such a way as to subconsciously promote the mission of your company, then you must visually embody all the emphasis on the benefits of the product or service. Use inspirational color palettes if you are a financial leader — use an appropriate green shade.

Use clear imagery, logos and other information that is clear at a glance to combine the viewer’s perception and direct them to purchase a product or service.

Be a Curator

First of all, in order to effectively promote a product or service, you must think in the same way as the audience. The video content on your website or page on social networks should be a narrative for users and lead them almost by the hand to the final goal — the purchase.

Create branded intros & outros. Answer your own questions — does the video reflect the values ​​that I want to convey to my future or current clients. Does the video accurately impact the user in a manner that prompts a purchase? What emotions will the viewer experience when they see the video? These questions will help balance the flow of visual information.

By developing your own branding practices and using opportunities that target viewers, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and make your investment in video content truly worthwhile.

Use the right strategies and tactics that have propelled your competitors to success. Companies with well-branded videos enjoy a wide range of benefits, ranging from banal customer growth to thought-provoking product improvement. Add a watermark for further observance of the author’s rules. 


Video content branding is a guaranteed way to expand your target audience. Thanks to the correct, stylish and visually pleasing presentation of goods and services, an optimal balance is achieved between the professional component of the product and its lightning in terms of a real piece of art.


Hussel Media
Tue 6 Apr 2021

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Hussel Media
Tue 6 Apr 2021
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