How to use Time Lapse Video for Marketing your Business

How to use Time Lapse Video for Marketing your Business

Do you ever see a time-lapse video of a blooming flower or a rising sun and wonder why it hasn’t been put to better use? Good news! Time-lapse video is drastically making its way into the corporate world. Businesses today are catching up on extensive use of time-lapse videos for marketing, management, and promotional purposes.

Videos are considered to be one of the best contemporary marketing techniques as they allow the public to have an insight into your business in a limited time. With our average attention span ranging from 8-15 seconds, videos are the best way to engage the audience.

It is clear that the audience likes their content to come in small packages. Time-lapse video is a great way to market the growth or development of your business or products.

If you are intrigued, continue reading. This article will take you through ways time-lapse videos can help you market and simultaneously grow your business.

Time-lapse Video Increases Engagement

Starting a new project from scratch can be challenging, especially when it comes to capturing customers’ attention.

We are all aware that video marketing has so far proven to be the best form of marketing. Still, finding the right blend of ideas is necessary for a successful marketing campaign. The time-lapse video seems to be the right formula to penetrate a contemporary market.

Time-lapse videos are gradually making their way in marketing; therefore, they are new for the customers. Anything new for the millennials becomes the latest trend.

The engagement also vastly depends on the quality of the video. High-quality videos are good enough to hold the viewer’s attention. However, in simple videos, content matters in keeping the audience engaged.

But when it comes to time-lapse video, its format is already an eye-candy for the audience – the format can easily make a mundane or dull process exciting. It creates a sense of anticipation in the audience to see the end result, which keeps them hooked.

Time-lapse reveals fascinating changes in lighting throughout the day or construction of a beautiful building. This allows viewers to see evolution with their own eyes. Therefore, an effect like this changes a plain marketing message into something aesthetic and pleasing.

Time Lapse for Marketing Uses

A video, specifically a time-lapse video, can help attract 300% more traffic and generate more leads. It can also create a more organic audience. However, a time-lapse video does not necessarily fit in every marketing campaign.

Tell A Story in a Matter of Seconds

The millennials are always looking for something new, something meaningful. Therefore, the story behind your product or project can be a major selling point. One of the key reasons for using time-lapse video is its ability to tell a story while keeping the audience engaged.

Compressing a hard-working employee or CEO’s day in a 2 min time-lapse video can be an exciting way of showing your company’s professionalism and determination of your employees. This can give customers an insight into your work.

One of the most common uses of time-lapse videos is tutorials. Time-lapse videos can be the best way of demonstrating how something is done quickly and efficiently. This retains users’ attention, and they may actually learn. Hussel media knows how to create straight-to-the-point, well-structured, and methodical training videos.

Construction Videos

The most popular type of time-lapse videos is construction videos. Create a unique video of each property for your listing. Embrace the power of time-lapse video in construction and use it to grow your business.

Using a time-lapse video of construction for marketing can help increase your customers as you take them through the journey of their dream home or office building. As they see a building being erected, they can imagine their own house or building evolving in front of their eyes.

At the same time, it can also attract potential new investors and impress business prospects. Use time-lapse to show months of construction within a few minutes from start to finish.

Customer Satisfaction Video

A time-lapse video can successfully show an efficient customer satisfaction process. Follow an order starting from picking up the product or, more interestingly, creating the order, packing, and then shipping.

In addition, delivery and the smile of your customer on receiving the order can also be captured, with a piece of happy background music that will give the video warm, emotional finishing.

Given that the users today have a limited attention span, capturing attention for that time and giving them the message is necessary.

Hussle media makes high-quality video content for marketing. We specialize in Real Estate, Branding, and Wedding videography; however, we are flexible and can make a video for any occasion that you have in mind.

If you are looking for fun, engaging video content, especially for marketing purposes, Hussle media is your answer.


Hashim Mughal
Fri 3 Dec 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Fri 3 Dec 2021
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