Shooting Video Vs. Animation. What’s the Best for Advertising?

Shooting Video Vs. Animation. What’s the Best for Advertising?

Are you trying to figure out the better option, i.e., shooting a video or animation for advertising? Alright! This article is going to help you make this decision.


Moving to the definition of both, we can say that animation is the art of drawing sketches of an object and then represent them in a series of frames. In this way, it seems like a moving and living thing to us.

Once the animation is put together, other effects such as music and text are added to shape the animation into the beautiful, eye-catching medium that is well known to today’s marketers.

On the other hand, a video is a recording of either still or moving objects. Videos are shot with the help of a camcorder, mobile, or video camera. You can start video shooting anywhere and anytime you want.

Video vs. Animation

Let me tell you what message I want to convey. So, as we roll on into the 21st century, it is impossible to deny the importance of video marketing.

According to Oberlo, nearly 90% of marketing professionals prefer video marketing as a critical tool. In comparison, 54% of all internet users want to see more video content from a brand or business they support.

However, we cannot deny the importance of animation as well. It all depends on the creativity of the approach. Like every medium and marketing channel, shooting animation and video have their key strengths, relative costs, and good-to-know facts.

Ever got confused between the choice of animation and video? Well, you’re not alone! You must also be wondering that “Does advertising needs a human factor?” Let’s proceed in terms of both animation and videos.

Firstly, let’s talk in terms of:

Shooting Animation

Animation is created with the help of a different range of software. The animator can start working from a storyboard, crafting designs, assets, and other elements to bring a concept. The starting point is always an idea.

Some types of animation captivate a more significant workload than others. 2D animation is comparatively uncomplicated than a highly detailed 3D design.

Moreover, it depends on a budget of your project. Animations involving complex character movements consume more time and budget. Crafting a beautiful animation is endless and depends on the workload, and budget one can afford.

However, the animation will suit those who needed the project yesterday. Otherwise, it’s possible to create a genuinely fascinating and colorful concept through animations.

In contrast to animations, let’s discover the perks of shooting a video!

Shooting Video

Shooting a video is compelling for other reasons. It embraces the power of human nuance with the authenticity of watching a natural person connecting with the audience. A scientist videographer gives an insight into how long does it take to create a video.

A significant advantage of live-action video is that it possesses a medium that depends on people-focused authenticity. It is considered fantastic for advertisements, humanizing businesses, connecting with clients, and connecting teams across offices.

Do you want to establish an emotional connection between the person and the brand?

Here let me tell you that shooting a video opens up a world of emotionally engaging branded content.

Moreover, it is preferred in terms of the following conditions:

  • To recruit new employees:
    Attractive informational videos regarding the hiring of new employees possess great importance.
  • Marketing Campaigns:
    Shooting great videos for the sake of marketing campaigns is necessary. Nowadays, brands need videos for marketing strategies.
  • Social Media:
    It requires excellent content and excellent shooting of videos to excel on social media in this competitive era.


After going through the perks mentioned above of shooting videos vs. animation, we have the best option for you if you want to opt for a video.

At HUSSEL media, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality photography and videography.

The best thing is that we can shoot your videos and photos that would help you saving time, money and a whole lot of bother having to engage two separate companies.

You can contact us, and here we are, ready to Hussel and make you conquer! We can’t wait to help you at our earliest.

Hashim Mughal
Thu 12 Aug 2021

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Hashim Mughal
Thu 12 Aug 2021
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